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I've always had a special feeling for the elderly, women, especially older retirees. Why this is so, you might ask, especially perfectgirls since I 'm only 20 ? They have always seemed friendly, mature, experienced, calm and control much more of them. At first it was perfectgirls just an innocent admiration I had for them, but the cause of my next door neighbor evolve over time, the feeling of something completely different. The correct description of perfectgirls this development I wrote a novel, but in this piece, I will reduce to bare some of the points only. the past, was an old man next door, in his 60 years of age, a charming old was living. It is usually friendly and smile at everyone all the time. He lived alone, and was often difficult part of their daily work is completed by cleaning things, washing, ironing and gardening around. When his neighbor, the mother would tell me to go and help with some of these things. Therefore, I have a weekly show, which runs every Sunday morning would be at home and helped him perfectgirls with some boards, and attendance also began his work in the garden, etc. with this, despite he was too old and weak, it was actually a man of many talents. I just needed help with basic tasks, so you can spend more time having to make things more exciting and purposeful. A talent was that he was a very good cook. As a reward for helping him out, I usually keep at home for lunch, so we can eat together. There was a little stocky, clean-shaven and looked like a man considered, but his blue eyes on him a sense of darkness, dominance and masculinity. His voice was deep and powerful, but very gentle on the ear. During a conversation with me, as a rule, sitting or standing close to me, I'm not sure if this because you are hearing impaired, or if it is another thing. But in a sense, the feeling that gave me much more iMPORTANT for him to trust me, anything else would not reveal to others. Once more he knows me also begin the hands of time when I said, usually very smart and thrifty, during a conversation. The first time he did for me was on a hot day, wearing shorts and long sleeve top half, and I had my shorts. He told me about his time serving in the army, when suddenly his hand and touched my clothes soft skin above the perfectgirls knee. When that happened, suddenly something changed inside me and felt my body trembling like a strange sense of strong within me that can only be described as a mix of raw emotion, and fear of the unexpected child. When his hands were slightly rough on my leg and keeps the area of ​​skin on the knee of extreme heat, the area began to cook my legs and the hottest part of my body, and it became crystal clearto me what was going on perfectgirls - my erection of the penis has been an experience unlike anything unusual and intense than ever. The more I heard his deep voice and perfectgirls softly in my ear, my erection was harder.... be continued.... [ Please give me feedback on my story so far, and things you want for the development of]
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